People Data Analyst


The People Data Analyst assists the People Services department in making timely decisions based on historical and forecasted data by creating and developing standardized automated reports related to recruitment, human resources, and office administration. This role’s tasks follow project phases from planning to reporting. The People Data Analyst works closely with the Data & Technology Manager and provides support in generating tools, data, databases, formulas, and the like for the department.

  • Metrics, Reporting, and Analytics
    • Report Scoping and Planning
    • Updates internal trackers and databases to ensure that all candidate applications and employment-related movements in the department are recorded.
    • Coordinates and validates with upper management on reporting requirements
  • Data Gathering
    • Identifies relevant output data from processes to be collected by being familiar with the process workflow under investigation
    • Generates quantitative and qualitative information on human resources from a single or multiple tools
    • Gathers and collects data from different sources based on approved requirements
    • Communicates with resource persons to get input/raw data needed for report generation
    • Extracts quantitative and qualitative information from databases using standard queries
    • Performs data validation to achieve data consistency
  • Data Manipulation
    • Cleans extracted data using pre-defined guidelines or instructions
    • Aligns HR data sets to more complex company-wide data sets
    • Formats extracted data based on expected report output from sources with batching capability or multiple data formatting requirements
    • Consolidates and standardizes data structure from different data sources
    • Combines extracted data from multiple resources using automated tools (excel, macro, database)
    • Categories and segments extracted data using tools to convert data to information relevant to the report (excel, macro, database)
    • Calculates data using available fields within the gathered information
  • Data Analysis
    • Collates and analyzes report requirements from the management
      Analyzes gathered information and data on recruitment, hiring processes, turnover, motivation, and employment records using descriptive analytics
      Identifies and provides solutions to general inquiries by recommending action/s base on their analysis


  • Education, Training and Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, MIS, Statistics, Mathematics, Finance, Analytics, Economics, Information Technology and other Business or Analytics related courses
  • Skills and Knowledge
    • Word, PowerPoint Google Docs and Google Slides
    • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets (pivot, vlookup, etc.)
    • Statistics
    • Database Management
    • Data Manipulation & Interpretation
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Good comprehension of technology and data management tools used in the process of collecting, storing, retrieving, and analyzing data
    • Strong oral and written English communication skill
  • Experience
    • Minimum of 1 year of experience in reporting and data analysis