Crypto Coin Issuer

In recent years, a variety of virtual currencies have been developed to facilitate online transactions. While crypto currencies do not require central issuing offices, several countries have regulations requiring compliance with standard anti-money laundering laws and regulations. To comply with these regulations, issuers of crypto currencies must provide new users with standard tools and workflows from the financial industry and offer support to make trading and use as easy as possible.

Common challenges in the crypto currency operations

  • Backlog in reviewing and approving new user applications.
  • Lack of operational expertise in addressing the various support needs of consumers such as technical handling of selling and buying cryptocurrencies, concerns on the security level, exchanging into fiat currencies, etc.
  • Lack of 24/7 manpower to support customer inquiries.
  • Enhanced risk management required on technical and manual inspection level to protect these digital assets.
  • Crypto currency issuers usually are attached to traditional prepaid Visa / Mastercard cards, which crypto operations normally don’t have expertise.

How Payreto Supports Crypto Currency Issuers

We help you to concentrate on running your business while we take care of the processing tasks. The crypto landscape is constantly changing. With our modular services, we help you scale while keeping your overhead costs under control.

Win more customers and increase your revenue by outsourcing certain business processes!



We help you implement an additional audit to protect your company.



Manual report generation and coordination tasks



Respond to any customer in any country or time zone of your choice with 24/7 availability.



Monitoring potential risks and fraudulent activities



We support you with your chargeback problems and prepare reports on your behalf.

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How can my business benefit from Payreto?
We know you want to be ready when you take your product globally. Since Payreto is a technology company, we can help you live to the hype so you can deliver based on your publicized roadmap. With our help, you can also have scalable operations to keep up with the demand.
How can my Operations benefit from Payreto?

As Chief of Operations, your goal is to keep your customers satisfied. By working with Payreto, we can help keep up with the demand and clear out your backlog of applications that potentially can affect customer satisfaction.

How does my company’s finance benefit from Payreto?

The cost of running a full compliance team is expensive. By partnering with us, we can potentially reduce labor costs, i.e. operational costs because we can easily cover support for other time zones at a lower cost of operation.