Fintech Companies

FinTech is a collective term for modern technologies in the field of financial services. It is about eliminating traditional problems in the financial industry by digitizing financial workflows to achieve better and faster results. The technological breakthroughs are often initiated by young companies or start-ups. What they lack in experience and deep expertise in the financial sector, they more than make up for with a strong focus on cutting-edge technology, customer experience (for those working in the consumer sector) and incredible speed in delivering products and services.

Common challenges in the Fintech industry

  • Immense pressure to scale and grow fast.
  • Intense competition from other emerging FinTech companies with similar propositions.
  • May suffer from limited domain expertise and lacks the depth of knowledge within the financial industry.
  • High inefficiency in executing non-core functions (outside technology or product development)  that are critical to any successful enterprise like general back-office (e.g. general accounting) and  front-office (e.g. customer support) operations. Struggles to find staff with the necessary skills and experience.

How Payreto Supports Fintech Companies

Payreto is an asset builder for financial and payment services companies. We use the “Build Operate Transfer” (BOT) model to add value to your business.



Quickly set-up,start, and ramp-up your own dedicated team in a single hub operation to fulfill your unique needs and requirements.



Get a complete transition and ongoing project management support (e.g. consultative planning and execution, performance management)  combined with an end-to-end operational support (e.g. talent management, IT infrastructure, facilities, accounting) for your dedicated team’s activities. This will allow you to laser-focus on your core business objectives, without the necessary “hassles” of running a company…



Own the operations we’ve built exclusively for you  at a later stage  when it is strategic for you – whether it is time to go public (IPO) or engage in an M&A deal (mergers and acquisitions).

The “Build Operate Transfer” model is ideal for “exit” minded fintech start-ups and established companies in any industry.

Any questions?
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How can my business benefit from Payreto?
We understand you want to create promoters of your technology through meaningful interactions with your support team. Through Payreto, you can easily scale your support teams that provide technical care and achieve world-class support to your customers anywhere, 24/7.
How can my Operations benefit from Payreto?

Let your product development team to focus on taking your technology to the next level instead of answering first level support questions. We can help streamline your support teams so their efforts can be redirected towards value-added objectives of your business. By partnering with Payreto, you can have a backup operations case of employee turnovers.

How does my company’s finance benefit from Payreto?

By partnering with Payreto, we can help you reduce the overhead costs of your support teams to assist your users from different parts of the world. You can also scale your support services without incurring too much cost.