Issuing Banks

In the field of card payments, a distinction is made between two (2) types of banks, namely the issuing bank (issuer) and the acquiring bank (acquirer). The issuing bank (issuer) issues cards to consumers to enable them to make offline and online purchases. In the associated transaction flow of a purchase transaction, the issuing bank manages the authorization of the purchase amount. In case of disputes, the bank will mediate between the cardholder and the merchant. The acquiring bank (acquirer) is the merchant’s bank. It is the place where the merchant’s account for accepting card payments is located. Acquirers are usually connected to different payment gateways to scale the merchant’s acceptance business.

Common challenges of issuing and acquiring banks:

  • Staff cannot keep up with the inquiries.
  • No support coverage outside established business hours, usually only at some extent on the issuing side of the business.
  • Labor costs are high for menial or simple tasks.
  • Due diligence processes require experience and a smart scaling approach to handle a large number of applications in case of larger cardholder/merchant portfolio migrations or special promotion projects.
  • Lack of sufficient chargeback management support resources.

How Payreto Supports Acquiring Banks

No matter whether you are an Acquiring or Issuing bank: you can always count on us. Backed by a proven track record in payments and financial outsourcing, we are your strategic partner to help you achieve results.

Take advantage of our modular services and get exactly what you need!



Respond to any customer in any country or time zone of your choice with 24/7 availability.



We support you with your chargeback problems and prepare reports on your behalf.



We help you to monitor transactions to ensure successful results.



We carry out due diligence on your behalf and comply with the regulations.

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How can my business benefit from Payreto?
Payreto helps you  to manage  back office work volume changes  as a reliable and flexible back-up partner like us for a wider spectrum of the finance-related back office tasks. We also usually increase the security level and SLA level (service promise) towards your clients. As a kind of byproduct of our contributions, we reduce the dependency on in-house competencies and you receive automatically additional benchmarking information and having more realistic options to reduce operational costs and improve performance and quality.
How can my Operations benefit from Payreto?

Payreto is your reliable partner, we are flexible in taking on projects for front-end and back office work of smaller and larger size  with significant workload performance. We cover your non-strategic tasks and properly execute them with low administration efforts.

How does my company’s finance benefit from Payreto?

Usually, we improve the performance to cost ratio by reducing labor costs without affecting, ideally improving service quality and scalability. We also provide detailed reports giving more insights about the outsourced operations resulting in a higher level of  transparency compared to many in-house set-ups.