as a Service

Onboarding as a Service offers you customised and modular boarding services tailored to your industry, your area of operation and your risk tolerance. We guarantee a seamless, compliant and cost-effective onboarding support resources for you and your customers/merchants.

Let your customers experience a seamless onboarding journey with our services.

Whether you are onboarding a merchant or an individual, Payreto has several solutions for you.

Data Collection (Merchant Application)

  • Determine what documents and information are required to submit an application to financial institutions.
  • Work with merchants to obtain the necessary documents.
  • Store documents in your preferred data storage facility.

Merchant Application Form Support

  • Prepare an application package to be presented to partner financial institutions.
  • Fill in the application forms with the information received from the merchant (i.e. registered name, directors, shareholders, processing history, etc.)
  • Submit an application package to the partner financial institutions.

Merchant Application Monitoring

  • Contact the financial institution regarding the status of the application.
  • Identify any additional documents/information required by the merchant.
  • Ensure an application will conclude – and follow through to the next steps.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

  • Identify who are the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).
  • Support in resolving false positives in KYC checks.
  • Perform PEP and sanctions list and 2+2 database check.
  • Validate documents and carry out completeness and accuracy checks.

Website Compliance Review

  • We help you verify the website, refund terms and policies, PCI compliance, check the associated URLs for mobile commerce and much more based on card scheme rules.

KYB (Know Your Business)

  • We carry out a review of financial reports, a credit check and a review of corporate affiliations.
  • We help in verifying operational address check, VMAS and MATCH check, Bank statement reviews, identifying merchant category codes (MCC).
  • We carry out AML documentation and corporate ownership structures.

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