as a Service

Build and maintain customer loyalty by providing front-and back-office support to your global customers in a variety of languages through various communication channels: email, chat and voice. You can also leverage our Shared Support model because the cost of a dedicated team is more expensive.

Deepen your customer relationship through a 24/7 contact centre

Customers can easily contact and interact with you by providing world class customer service.

Customer Service

  • Receipt of complaints and billing disputes.
  • Carry out  security checks.
  • Follow-up previous requests, orders, payments, refunds, cancellations.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged ticket enquiries.

Technical Assistance

  • Device troubleshooting (e.g. POS, mPOs).
  • Tour through the use of devices and applications.
  • Software troubleshooting (e.g. gateways for payment applications).

Sales and Marketing support

  • Inbound or outbound up-selling or cross-selling.
  • Calls for outbound lead generation and making appointments.
  • Outbound satisfaction survey calls.

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