Payment Service Providers

If you want to offer your customers an uncomplicated payment method, we recommend working with a Payment Service Provider (PSP). The PSP often becomes the sole negotiating partner for the payment processes and usually offers simple SaaS solutions for various payment methods. Problem customer care, the reminder and collection process, warnings in case of anomalies regarding possible fraud or the handling of refunds are also possible.

Common challenges of Payment Service Providers:

  • For a start-up PSP building operations and software takes a lot of time and huge efforts, consequently slowing down time to market.
  • Insufficient operational capacity to manage to grow the PSP business.
  • Effort-intense merchant application management.
  • Lack of necessary connections to Financial Institutions.
  • Not user-friendly and insufficient payment gateway features.

How Payreto Supports Payment Service Providers

Your merchants should not worry about the complex world of payments. Help your merchants grow by offering them global coverage, an ever-growing financial network with more than 200 acquirers, more than 150 alternative payment method (APM) providers and omnichannel-enabled solutions such as mPOS and mobile in-app payment capabilities.

Our customers’ merchants benefit from a highly flexible API (Open Restful API, Server to Server, Hosted Payment Page) as well as features such as tokenization, recurring payments and an extensive range of risk management functions.

Leave the data processing to us and outsource tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.


PSP Support

We’ll provide pre-sales support and help you manage the payment gateway.


Chargeback Monitoring

We’ll support your chargeback problems and generate reports on your behalf.


Risk Processing and Reporting

Report risk performance with our 120+ available risk checks.


Technical Support

We enable clients’ merchants to start processing by answering complex technical questions.


Merchant Support

We’ll help you retain merchants with our excellent support.


Transaction Order Review

Some merchant business models require extended risk services to minimize losses. Such manual order review is applied on risky shopper transactions automatically identified.


White-Label Back Office Support

Your merchants/client partners wouldn’t know its Payreto supporting them.


Transaction Processing

Use our white-label payment gateway to process transactions globally.



Multiple ways to integrate into the system (Open Restful API, Server-to-Server, etc.)

Any questions?
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How does Payreto deliver?
Payreto provides two (2) payment gateway/processing turnkey solutions complementing each other and offers on top  a very comprehensive set of back office support tasks to be ordered in  a very modular way. By assigning experienced staff having more than 50 years of PSP support experience continuous improvement of processes and related operational insights are provided
How can my business benefit from Payreto?

We help our clients to be quickly on par with market leaders and allow them to gain faster  speed to market, and you want to have access to our experience for internationalization.

How can my Operations benefit from Payreto?

Payreto knows PSP operations usually much  better than your recruited staff. We can also help in adding manpower easily and you can trust the quality of our service.